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What are the warning signs of asthma?

Get the dedicated pediatric care you need to manage asthma

With the right care and training, your child's asthma can be managed easily. You can meet with our dedicated doctors in collaboration with the asthma specialist to get the diagnosis and asthma treatment you need, and read the asthma pamphlet which was published jointly by the EPA and CDC.


When a child suffers from an asthma attack, their airways swell and fill with mucus. The swelling is compounded by tightening of the muscles surrounding the throat and lungs. Asthma attacks are caused by certain triggers, and they can be either gradual or acute depending on the trigger.

• Wheezing

• Tightness in the chest

• Getting out of breath easily

• Increased coughing and mucus

• Breathing faster than normal

What are some common asthma triggers?

• Smoke – Smoke outside of the home and car or quit altogether

• Dust mites and mold – Wash linens at least once a week, remove stuffed animals from the bedroom, fix leaky faucets, and treat visibly moldy areas with bleach

• Pets – Keep pets out of the bedrooms, or keep them outside

• Cockroaches – Remove food from the bedroom and seal all trash

• Strong odors – Avoid perfumes, aerosol sprays, and other strong smelling products

• Pollen – Stay inside and keep windows closed

• Colds – Avoid people with colds and get plenty of fluids, rest


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